Where to sell silver in Azadpur

Are you looking for a place to sell your old silver in the Azadpur Region? If yes, then you are heading in the right direction. We are the helping hand sellers reach out to when they are in need of some urgent cash in exchange for their valuable belongings. If you are tired of different appraisal values that the uncertified dealers of the Azadpur area are offering you, then you should give us a visit right now. Here we offer instant payouts with the highest quotes to cater to the needs of everyone who gets in touch with us.

Selling old Silver and gold jewelry for cash

What makes us special?

When you sell your old silver to us, we offer 100% market value in its exchange, which is a rare thing in the market of Azadpur, where every other dealer is trying to maximize their profit by duping their clients. Here our aim is to make our payouts unmatchable, and to do that; we make use of every possible tool, technique, and service.

To find out the price of your ornaments, we use a specialized weighting machine called XRF keratmeter. This tool can appraise the value of any precious metal in just 20 minutes. After sorting out the quality and weigh of your item, we check the international market price of the item then present you with the 100% market value quote.

You are under no obligation to trade on your item to us if you are not contempt with the price we are giving you. All of our services are completely free, so even if you are not actually planning to sell your item, you can visit us to know the value of your old ornaments.

We also have a free pick-up service, which you can avail anytime you want; if you are living under the 45-km radius from your nearest Outlet.

Best price to sell silver jewelry

Here is how you can avail our services

To avail of our services, you need to bring your ID proof and invoice, and we will offer our services to you. If you are a minor, then bring your guardian along with you.

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